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Brothers in Arms by David Leadbeater

While en route to investigate an assassination threat, Drake and Mai Kitano are blown out of the skies and marooned on a deserted island. Meanwhile, assassins stalk the streets of Washington DC and civilians are being murdered for no apparent reason.

Time is running out, and Drake and his team are thrust into a deadly contest of vehicular warfare, where only the hardest, fastest, and most capable men and women will make it out alive…

The Tomb of the Gods by David Leadbeater

Matt Drake and his team ignite a blazing trail of destruction as they chase madmen and traitors across the globe.

From the destruction of an L.A. skyscraper to a desperate battle on board a Swiss train, from a crazy car chase through Hollywood to a covert assault on a secret SAS base, Drake and all his team stand as one and charge fearlessly into the jaws of death…


The Gates of Hell by David Leadbeater

Matt Drake sets out to cancel the blood vendetta imposed by the underworld linchpin, the Blood King. Revenge, terrible and personal, drives Drake in his quest to stop the man who has become his nemesis.

With nothing more than an ancient map left behind by Captain Cook, Drake and his team must follow the Blood King through a deadly maze in the heart of a volcano. He risks everything to track down the most dangerous man of modern times…


The Blood King Conspiracy by David Leadbeater

When the answer to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is discovered, America is attacked on its own soil by the Blood King – an underworld figure so powerful his very existence is a mere myth.

Matt Drake and his friends must follow a treasure trail through rich pirate history that leads beyond the death of Blackbeard himself, through modern sea battles and warfare on the streets of Key West to a showdown with the most dangerous, well-connected, and feared man in the world – the Blood King…


The Bones of Odin by David Leadbeater

Did the ancient gods Zeus, Thor, and Odin really exist?

Ex-SAS officer Matt Drake is pulled into an explosive race against time to find the Nine Pieces of Odin – clues scattered across the world centuries ago that lead the way to the mythical Tomb of the Gods.

But as Matt and his associates unravel the mystery, so does an enemy who will stop at nothing to be the first to reach the world’s oldest treasure – putting the very existence of civilization in jeopardy…


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